5–6 July 2024, in association with the KDD-Lab

Event timeline

28 June 2024
Applications close
5–6 July 2024
Hackathon date

Join us for a 2-day Hackathon dedicated to eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), taking place in Pisa on 5–6 July 2024. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with current XAI frameworks, [ kdd-lab/XAI-Lib ] analyze complex data, and work towards improving the transparency and trustworthiness of AI models.

The event is open to young researchers, PhD candidates and Master's students with some background knowledge in XAI. Teams will be guided by senior academics from the KDD-Lab, who will provide expert mentorship and support, ensuring that participants can leverage advanced research insights and methodologies in their projects.


Developing a prediction pipeline focused on a Machine Learning task, with the aim of integrating XAI techniques to black-box predictions. The challenge involves:

  • augmenting the prediction task with various types of explanations (e.g., instance-based or rule-based).
  • evaluating their impact on model transparency and understanding under various critical conditions (i.e., when the model performs well and when it does not).
  • developing a use-case scenario that demonstrates the benefits of explainability integration into machine learning tasks, fostering more transparent, responsible, and accountable AI systems.

Final project will be evaluated based on multiple criteria based on:

  • Variety and effectiveness of explanations used;
  • Assessment of robustness, validity and quality of the explanations;
  • Use-case scenario enriched with progressive steps of explanations.

The scenario should illustrate how each stage contributes to better understanding the AI decisions, highlighting implications on both the performance and trustworthiness.

Free Registration

The Hackathon is restricted to 10 teams, composed of 3 people maximum.

Interested participants are required to apply here.

Early registration is strongly encouraged as spots are expected to fill rapidly.

Awards & Gadgets

The event offers substantial cash prizes, including

  • €2,500 for the winning team,
  • €1,000 for the second-place team,
  • €500 for each of the three teams that finish in third place.

Additionally, every participant will receive an exclusive t-shirt of the event.

Location & Agenda

The event will take place in person in Pisa, at Officine Garibaldi.

5 July 2024 9.00 - 23.59

6 July 2024 8.30 - 12.30

More details will be published here.


By the end of the event, teams are required to complete their project and submit a report trough Easy Chair.
The presentation of the best projects will take place on September 6, 2024, during the inaugural event of the Master in Big Data, which will be attended by experts in data analysis from all sectors, ranging from industry to research.

Code of Conduct

Read our code of conduct before registering.